#8 – Thoughts on Silver and Why I buy what I can… Which isnt much.

Silver Seems to be what you buy when you dont know what else to prep with your money :)

I like the Jack Spirko version of precious metals

  • 10% of investments in metals
  • No, This does not include ammo

Explaining the price of silver.

  • Value of Silver does change slightly
  • The decrease in Value of the dollar is why I am interested.


What if silver hits above $300 an ounce?

  • Would I sell to pay off debts?
  • Wait until the new currency takes over?

Other Metals:

  • Gold?
  • Copper?
Supply and Demand of silver:

Domand is going up, China (other developing nations)
Supply is staying the same and is unsure if it can keep up.

Gold to Silver Ratio:

Explain last 2000 years, it has always revert back to its historical average of 12 to 1. Currently its roughly 67 to 1. Meaning 12 ounces of silver would by you 1 ounce of gold. right now 66.7 ounces of silver will buy you 1 ounce of gold.

Current Gold and Silver Prices:

  • Gold=1307.60
  • Silver=19.61

Current Ratio: (kinda)

  • 66.7 : 1   – 1307.60/19.61 = 66.7 Meaning 66.7 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold

Historical Average Options:

  • 12 : 1  Silver staying at $19.61 an ounce would bring gold down to $235.32 an ounce.
  • 1 : 12 Gold staying at $1307.60 an ounce would bring silver up to $108.91 an ounce.

Either way silver is still a sound investment.


Other Facts and Quotes

The US Dollar has lost 31% of its purchasing power just since 2000. The dollar has lost a staggering 82% of its value since the US was taken off the gold standard in 1971. Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the US dollar has lost 95.6% of its purchasing power.
  • All Worlds Currencies are Fiat Currencies and all Fiat Currencies Fail.
  • All these issues are adding up together and its at a global level.
“It is the most electronically conducive, thermally conductive, and reflective. Modern life, as we know it, would not exist without silver.“ -Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver

Not to mention why staying in Dollars and banks are bad. (there are other options than silver tpo go against these things but these are still reason to get silver.)

  • Like Bank Runs
  • IRS
  • Locking up funds
  • Removing money from savings


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3 Responses to #160 – Survivalist Alchemy

    • Short answer: Yes

      Long Answer:
      Why does that matter so much to the community? I love everyone, and yet for some reason Im excluded from all types of prepper things like interviews and partnerships haha.

      Oh how I hate labels in religion more than I hate labels in politics. Just as I would never consider myself as a Republican Democrat Or Libertarian. I will never claim I am with a religious organization or not.

      Atheist – a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods… Sure. I honestly dont care. Im not looking for god nor am I trying to fill some whole in my life. I believe in myself and love. Im a hopeless romantic what can I say.

      Do I think there is a higher power, I dont know maybe. but I dont see the point of investing my time when I still have to make it happen on my own anyway. If a god put me on this earth, the absolute best thing I could do to make him proud is to make something out of myself and stand up on my own. Become my own man.

      Now of course I get the oh I feel bad for you, or the you just dont know you are looking for him. I must be so lonely. and the true is im not and im far more satisfied knowing i accomplished something on my own.

      I dont remember if we talked before about this on facebook and if you were just wondering wondering but this has been an issue for my podcast haha so sorry to rant on you if you were just wondering.

      in the end, I dont know nor do care to know.


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2 Responses to #158 – Cyberattacks, GOP Debate, Automation Collapse

  1. As always, I love listening to your podcasts. Just binged your last 5 casts, because I have been so busy.

    I do not fit in the typical republican or democratic box. I wish our country could get past the two parties, but there are just too many uninformed people that do not care to research about the world around them. It is just easier for them to pick a party and go with it.

    Rubio impressed me with some of the stuff he said also.

    • Hey Milissa! yeah I dont know if we ever will get away from the 2 party system. Its like dealing with children. give them 2 choices and they think they made the decision.

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5 Responses to #156 – Overstock Preps, American Shift, Lee’s Official Title

  1. Defending yourself from the government doesn’t mean being able to outgun the military. Armed citizens can make it less appealing for corrupt police to abuse their power. They can defend themselves from common criminals, which might make them less likely to give more power to the government in the name of safety. They can more strongly resist non-military coercion and they are a much more difficult target for even a well-armed military. Fighting people with guns is much more dangerous than fighting people without guns. Even if you’re using drones and missiles you’re eventually going to have to send in real troops and occupy the territory, which means that unless you exterminate the locals you’ll end up dealing with them.

    Turning a military against its own people is also not simple. The people in the military aren’t separate from the citizenry; they’re from the places they would be attacking. They wouldn’t just follow orders to start killing people just because the government says to. The government also wouldn’t want to a scorched earth war on its own soil since it would be harming itself, which means it won’t just exterminate everyone. So it would have to occupy the dissenting areas, so guns would be useful.

    • Hey Al, Yes I agree with you in theory.

      But I don’t think anyone would stand up against the outrageous government anymore. I don’t think the average american has it in them to fight anymore and those in charge, if were ever to turn against the people could shut them down quick.

      Again I agree with you in theory about the military but it becomes an us vs them. If what you are saying is true how do you explain the riot cops? its an us vs them problem. Of course Hitler was another example. They were from all the same area too. on top of that, you don’t need many to manage drones and tech to shut down any uprising.

      (I don’t think this is needed right now)

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2 Responses to #155 – Democratic Debate, Mcdonalds, and business

  1. Living in a country with moderate gun control, I am torn between complete freedom and some sort of restrictions to keep guns away from the mentally ill.

    I have a gun licence, and we can own pistols and AR’s (less than 18.5″ barrels) in my province with with restrictions on where we take them – since you cannot hunt with a pistol unless you are trapping or bear baiting. You can also own fully automatic firearms or stubbed nosed handguns if they are grandfathered to you, or on your licence it says prohibited – meaning that you can buy or stockpile as many as you want.

    I don’t agree with a 7 day wait period for restricted firearms. I don’t see the point. If I was that in need of a firearm to do harm, I would just saw down a rifle and use it like a handgun. I have seen many news sources that claim that handguns were found, but many ended up being sawed down rifles (I visually confirmed some that I even own in full length).

    At the same time, crazy people are getting a hold of guns. How do we keep the crazies from owning guns?

    Apparently homicide is a stable number in Canada:

    I was thinking of this logic… “well pioneers didn’t need gun licences”. They also had 8 or more children and some of them probably died from firearm related injuries but were not documented, since death was so common back then. They also didn’t have the internet or even TV, so there were no news reporters to do “investigative journalism”.

    Drivers need a licence. Originally car owners didn’t have licences until they became common place. Belgium was the last to issue a licence without a test in 1977. Why don’t the crazies use a car to kill people. It seems far more effective to drive right through a mall grand theft auto style, versus walking in with a rifle on your back.

    Bill Burr on killer driving:

    At the same time, I cannot ever buy an AK variant, even if it is semi auto with an over 18.5″ barrel, just because it is scarier than an AR of the same length… ludicrous. But I can own a 50 cal. sporting rifle.


    We had a failed registry system. No one really registered their guns. Well, law abiding people did, but many who were not normally law breakers decided not to. I hear many stories of people just never registering them. “Loosing” them up in their attic. Out of sight, out of mind. And the people who perpetrated crimes, they never registered theirs.. Why would they.

    Look at it this way. If someone is killed in my neighbourhood with a 9mm bullet, and I am the only one registered with a handgun in a 10 mile radius, who is going to be included on the suspect list. I bet I would get an officer at the door asking questions. And is that innocent until proved guilty, or the reverse.

    Other interesting pages:

    Homicides in Canada (look at Multiple victim homicides committed with a firearm declining)

    Homicides per state in US (California and Texas also have the highest population, therefore they would have more homicides in general)

  2. These articles bother me to no end:

    High powered SKS’s? I can get a dozen SKS’s tomorrow if you’d like…
    Handguns are legal in Canada


    They never mention if the KRISS is semi-auto (considered a pistol) or full auto, don’t include the lever action rifle and I like / am enraged by the inclusion of the word tactical.

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2 Responses to #152 – What if debt was illegal

  1. This program works out how much debt each US citizen would have to pay to get the US out of total debt – roughly $57,000 per person.


    vs. Canada at $17,000. It’s kind of staggering and the difference between the two (3x more debt in the US per person).


    I never knew what it worked out to. It is a cool amount of information, although the US debt clock has far more information. Did it cost 3x as much to code? Ha ha.

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