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The Best Way to Become  a Guest of The Show

I am always looking for new Guests to come on the show!

I ask all Guests to say the tag line “Are you Prepping to be Poor, Or are you Preparing to Prosper?” It is a tounge twister!

Please Include:

  • Skype Name
  • A little about yourself
  • Proposed Topic
  • A little of an outline for the show
  • websites
  • A photo you would like me to use

Structure of Podcasts

What have you been prepping lately

  •  Simple response to what you have been working on. Writing Books, Building a bunker, Uprising on the Governement, Etc, Etc.

About You

  • What got you started in preps?
 Show Topic:
  1. Main Show Topic
    1. more stuff
    2. more stuff
  2. Questions

Rational Survival Theory Questions:

  • How are you preparing to prosper?
  • Success Storys
  • Tips

Where to Find You

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Other Links

 Say Rational Survivor Tag Line

 “Are You Prepping To Be Poor, Or Are You Preparing To Prosper?”

 I have 3 Goals When Bringing On Guests

  1. Entertain and Educate the Listeners
  2. Give Exposure to You
  3. Getting The Perks of Running a Podcast :)

If you seem like a good fit please use the contact form below.



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