Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag

This page has all the information you will ever need to know about the prepper Bug Out Bag. How can I be so cocky? Well, I have been an avid over night hiker (usually lasting 3-5 days) out in the mountains in Colorado. On top of that, just like you, I have been consuming tons of books, forums, videos, list of gear for every BOB.  This page should probably be an Ebook and might try to turn it into one but for the time being this is a free guide for Bug Out Bags broken down in many Levels.

Lets start out with the purpose of the Bug Out Bag.

I think all preppers have come to the consinse that a Bug Out Bag is a 72 hour everything you need bag for yourself. There are veriations that some want to carry extra to help others like their kids but for all intensive purposes. Bug Out Bag is a bag that you can grab and be without support for 72 hours. There are other “bags” that preppers put together that are called INCH ( I’m Never Coming Home) bag and the GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) bag that really is not so easily put on your back and would think you would at least need need a bike to handle. So I think the INCH and GOOD bags dont really apply to this bugout category. A survival pack that is very similar is the Get Home bag that is usally kept in the car. Most cases 3 days would be more than enough to get anyone home from where ever they work. But this page is only based on the 3 types of bug out bags I have seen and how I would best fill these bags and Styles. Of course you can mix and match to your liking. These are the types Ive seen and the best package I could put together. These are the extremes of each type of type and the best products I have seen, not to say that this is the only option if you think your one of these types.

Main Gear Each BOB Should Have:

  1. Bag
  2. Shelter
  3. Food
  4. Water
  5. Energy
  6. Protection
  7. Medical

Types of BOBs:

  • The Uber Light
  • The Thrown Together or The Cheapskate
  • The Overkill


The Uber Light B.O.B.

Light Weight B.O.B

The Uber Light Bug Out Bag is the bag I see the least in the Prepper community. I think its one of the best options or needs to be integrated more when considering building a BOB. The difference between a 30 pound pack and a 50 pound pack will drasticly change the distance you are able to travel in a day.  The pack I am putting together will be what the extremest use on long trails, such as the PCT or the Appalachian Trail. Then I will also include simple extras that would make the kit complete.

 The Cheapskate B.O.B.

Bug Out Bag Thrown Together

There is nothing wrong with being a cheapskate! But when I see kits put together on YouTube that have a duffle bag, several flashlights, and a can of beans man do I cringe. The “cheapskate” survivalist uses what they have and puts together a bag to keep. Then the bag usually gets used and never replaced. These BOBs are usually inadequate but it is better than nothing. I will show the cheapest BOB I can put together that will get you through 3-4 days.

The Overkill Bug Out Bag

BOB Over Kill

Sadly I have seen this bag mostly in the Survivalist Niche and really makes me cringe more that the Cheapskate. I truely feel that these bags leave no room for improvising in the field. These bags will be great for ending up on an island with just sand and no resources. These bags usually have 3 or 4 of everything and if were ever forced to do a 4 day hike would be littering the trails after the first day. This bag trys to prep for everything even when not all things can or will happen.

The Uber Light BOB

This gear list I am putting together is what long distance hikers use that make their bag so light. Now, the bags and tents and gear might not look like they will last you a long time but these bags and tents usually last the entire trip walking from Mexico to Canada( PCT ). These are hikes lasting 5 months, every day 20 to 30 miles a day. Yes no joke. So having this bag for 3 days of use I think you should be fine. There are other bags out there but weight should always be an issue when putting together a bug out bag. There is no need to have 4 different fixed blades, axes, and machetes. That weight adds up fast!


Bugging Out Bag Light WeightZPacks™ “Arc Blast” Backpack
  • This bag weights in at only a pound and has everything you need in a back pack for long hikes. No extra padding needed
  • Weight… duh
  • Waterproof
  • Available Custom Addons.
  • Price!
  • Can only hold up to 30 pounds, which if going light shouldnt matter.

45 Liters / 2,750 cubic inches – 16.0 ounces  $275





Side Pouch

BOB Pouch

Shoulder Pouch

Shoulder Pouch

Side Pocket

Bug Out Bag Addon

 ShelterFor your BOB

BE A MAN and Cowboy camp! What did Rational Survivor just suggest!?! Sleeping out side without a tent? How do you protect yourself from Bears or rain? Again hardcore thru-hikers by the end just cowboy camp. Yes these guys are a little crazy, but so are we! All seriousness, cowboy camping is wierd at first. You loose the false since of protect against wild animals if your in an area with crazy wildlife and you also loose the rain protection and insect net… but to save 2 pounds out of your pack… See the list below for shelter items. This will include clothing, sleeping bag, and protection from the elements for your Bug Out Bag.


None! But if your not a man click here (or are like me and want a light weight tent)


Your pack, when going Uber Light Bug Out Bag, should have no other clothing packed. You should be dressed for the elements and “work on your mitochondria”  as Cody Lundin would say.

Personal Rain Protection
Light Rain Poncho for Buggin Out


Ground Protection or Rain Tarp

Light Wieght Tarp


Sleeping Bag



  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Energy
  4. Protection
  5. Medical

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