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It seems to me that my prepper books are piling up more than my canned foods. Right now I can’t tell if that is a good thing or bad, Ha! This page will be stacked with only the books I have enjoyed and thought were worth making my Survivalist Bookshelf. I tend to spend most of my time in manuals and “how to’s” but there are just some series I cant put down! A. American I am looking at you. 299 Days is another great series. For right now I will be leaving the fields pretty broad. If it gets to the point where my doomsday zombie shelf is out of control, I will break it out on its own. It doesn’t really matter. I love them all!

I Buy all my books through Amazon. Not only is it hard to find books that fall into this niche, Amazon is always the cheapest price.

Also, I do listen to books while doing working on my preparedness, Driving, and working out. If you havent tried Audible. I would definitely recommend it! I subscribe for 14.99 a month and that buys me 1 book.  It also forces me to use the credits and thus makes me “read” (Listen) more books.

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Survival Fiction

Going Home - A Novel of Survival A

Surviving Home

Escaping Home

Forsaking Home

Resurrecting Home

apocalyptics law

bug out the complete plan for escaping a catastrophic disaster before it's too late

the survivalist frontier justice

the survivalist anarchy rising

The Prepper part one the collapse

first activation wearmouth


Holding their own The Ascent

survivors james wesley rawles

one second after

The End A Postapocalyptic Novel

patriots james wesley rawles

last stand surviving america's collapse







Prepper Nonfiction

The Market Gardner Review

Without Rule Of Law

the ultimate suburban survivalist guide the smartest money moves to prepare for any crisis

earthship volume 1

how to survive the end of the world as we know it

Toolbox for sustainable city living

back to the basics third edition

The Survival Retreat

the post petroleum survival guide and cookbook

the coming economic armageddon

preserving food without freezing or canning

The $50 & up underground house book

How To Start A Commercial Rabbitry

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